A  wonderful day in the company of a wonderful girl – Dessie!

It’s really great to have the pleasure of visiting the hairdresser’s and to go out of there with a smile and  – a hairstyle. For a woman like me, this is a real event because I am in the habit of taking care of my own hair at home. Besides, I’m not used to changing my hairstyle often. I’m a fan of long hair although it requires more care – that’s why I decided to leave my hairstyle to Dessie, who made me sigh with amazement …! I’d never seen my hair so beautifully arranged before. I usually wear my hair loose, casually falling down my shoulders, and it was a huge surprise for me to see it like that. Now I understand why women like visiting the hairdresser’s so much! Thank you, Dessie!

Desislava Milchelieva is a qualified stylist. She has graduated from the “Stylist Kapanov” Academy for hairdressing in Burgas. Her mentor was Yordan Vasilev, who is a member of the French organization Haute Coiffure Francaise and an instructor in the Technical centre of the company “Alfaparf” – Milan. Dessie worked in his hairdressing salon in Burgas for a year and now she is the owner of the hairdressing salon named “Fukla” in the town of Chirpan. She runs a successful business but she doesn’t stop learning – she attends seminars, trainings and always follows the new trends. She has won many awards and competitions for hairdressing, but above all – she’s a great person …!


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