People often ask me how do I stay happy and positive but  the truth is I am not always emotionally balanced. I experience all kinds of emotions just like every other person but what I do every day is very simple – I just choose to be happy 🙂




Get yourself into the habit of thinking of happiness as a choice. I am completely aware of the fact that no external circumstance will ever make me a positive thinker – that’s inner work I have to do, because happiness comes from within. What is more – it takes time to develop positive attitude towards life. So everyday when I wake up I make a choice – “Am I going to be happy or am I going to be miserable today?” – the choice is mine, because I am the author of my own life. Be positive and be grateful!


However, happiness is sometimes very hard to maintain. There are many things going on around us that affect our mindset, especially the news. The news is a neverending feed of negativity that never stops. It has a very harmful effect on our lives. Some time ago I stopped watching the news and I can asure you now I feel far more good. Some of you may think it is ignorant to not watch the news, but trust me – if something important happens in the world – I will find out. I am not truly in need to know what comes through the filters of the media… My advice is – “Don’t watch the news” or at least try to stay away from newspapers and news programs for a while, you will see the big difference.


“News is a series of apparently absurd stories that all end up looking the same, endless parades of poverty-stricken countries, sequences of events that, having appeared with no explanation, will disappear with no solution – Zaire today, Bosnia yesterday, the Congo tomorrow.”

-Pierre Bordieu



Another thing I do to stay happy is to surround myself with positive people. Look at your friends and  think about the relationships in your life. There are people who literally suck the life out of you with constant complaints and negativity. For your own sake tell them you don’t need them in your life but be careful because toxic people tend to be agressive too. You may be the most positive and happy person but if you have negative friends in your life they are going to bring you down. Challenge yourself to make new friendships – go out and meet new people, you deserve to be surrounded by uplifting people,who will push you towards  better life, real friends who will enrich your life make you laugh!  But you  also have to be that friend to othe people. I always try to make my friends feel good, I try to uplift them and make them grow.

In life we never lose friends, we only learn who the true ones are.



Some people find it difficult to express their feelings. It is really important to show the people you love how you feel and to express your love. And it’s not only about saying it – you have to show it with your actions. Be a good listener, be considerate, be honest with the people you love, they cannot read your mind so express your love and admiration for them. We all have love within us and we have to practice giving it otherwise we can never experience the joy of giving – and this trully is the biggest joy. Do something  unconditionally for other people, going out of your way to help somebody is the greatest joy youll ever experience…  Give hugs! Hugging people feels so good!  It’s proven that hugs are physically and emotionally healthy for you because Oxytocin and Dopamine levels increase, which results in decreased stress. Hug as many people as you can! I am a very touchy person and it alwasy makes me feel great when I hug someone I love.



Be the best person you can be! You have your own unique qualities so respect yourself. Hold your head up because you have every right to. It’s important never to compare yoursel to anyone! Focus on what you have and be gratfeul. There are so many things you could be thankful for…But if you constantly want something new it  becomes very hard to focus on being happy with what you already have. Be brave and follow your dreams – in order to succeed you need to eliminate all negative energy so stop the negative self-talk and the fear of failure – “no” doesn’t mean “NO” – no means try again 🙂 We’re our own worst enemies when it comes to achieving success so believe in yourself, have faith in your abilities! In order to be a happy person you need to have a purpose. Set goals for yourself, but your purposes need to be challenging and push you outside of your comfort zone. You feel happy when you grow. It is said that “If you don’t grow you die “. If you want to be happy you have to get out of your comfort zone and  go towards your dreams. I often do things that I am afraid of and I suggest you do the same, it’s a great feeling )))




Everything in your life happens for  reason. Nothing happens by chance or by means of good luck.  People come into your life to serve some sort of purpose. Some of them teach you a lesson, other help you figure out who you are. If someone hurts you – forgive them.  Sometimes bad things happen to you to test the limits of your soul. The bad experiences are very important – ask yourself how you can use them? Find a meaning in the bad situation and be sure it is going to make you a stronger person! Stop criticizing and judging others, focus on the bright side of life and remember – what you are faced with is simply the way it is, everything else is just your own perspective.



Put a smile on your face every morning when you wake up – smiling is also a choice! Even if you do not always feel like smiling, just do it! It will definitely make you feel better and make others around you percieve you in a positive light – this will brighten your day 🙂


Everyone wants to be happy. Ask yourself this question: “Am I happy?” If the answer is “NO”-

first – choose to be happy

second –  change everything you don’t like, create your own life – go out and live it!



Make the best of your life!










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