Summer bikini season is right around the corner so let’s get ready for it! I really can’t wait for the swimseason to begin and how about you? 😀 For me summer is the most pleasant and charming season – it’s the most cheerful of all! / may be because I am a July born ))) / I would like to share with you a few tips to help you get ready for the beach!

Some girls might feel a bit insecure about their body and I want to tell them something very important before I move on:

 Dolls, PLEASE don’t worry! All of you are beautiful no matter what kind of body type you have! You are beautiful in your own weight and you have to be proud of who you are because confidence is what matters the most. Don’t judge someone else and think – ‘ O look at her… I wish I could be that skinny 🙁 “. Think about that – that might not be the best weight for your body! Everyone’s best weight and healthiest weight for their body is different. Some poeople have curvy body types and slow metabolism but that’s not a problem because their bodies are still just as beautiful! Remember – you are most beautiful when you are in your healthiest weight.

If you want to feel more confident by swimsuit season – begin making changes now!

Start immediately and don’t waste time – GET STARTED because being physically active will help you lead a healthier and even happier life! The benefits of exercising regularly are numerous!

Why Should We Exercise Regularly?

Burn fat get lean muscle                                      Boost self confidence

Get a toned sexier body                                       Slows the effects of aging

Boost energy and vitality                                        Decreases streess

Detoxifies body                                               Lowers blood pressure

Boosts immune system             Improves coordination

Strenghtens heart                  Keeps muscles strong and body toned

Improves memory                  Helps maintain ideal body weight

Natural antidepressant               To move is part of nature

Prevents/helps disease              Improves sleeping habits

Being healthy is about being active, we’re genetically designed to be active so instead of hanging out in the mall with some friends – make plans to go to the gym for exapmle or if you want you can dance around your room for an hour – its just fine – working out doesn’t have to be in the gym! I personally prefer outdoor sport activities – I can’t work out in a gym, it’s not that fun to me.



Remember – abs are made in the kitchen so start cleaning up your diet! You can find information on this topic here . Unless you keep your calories down you can exercise like mad and never lose weight!


Find your inspiration and keep yourself inspired!  Work out with people who are stronger than you – ask them questions and turn to them when you need advice, they are more educated than you and they will help you.


Educate yourself – subscribe to a fitness magazine or follow fitness blogs.

Make inspiration boards!

Change your phone background – make it something that inspires you about 🙂

Take progress photos /before and after/ – that really pushes you because you see that your body is making a change! For example you can take one photo before you start and then once a week keep taking photos.

Turn your working out into an event – get cute work out clothes and just like you would dress up for the mall, dress up to go to the gym.

Write down how you feel when you are done working out!

You need to have motivation to secceed so just do something that keeps you inspired and keeps you want to continue your journey.

Try new things until you find something that you like 🙂


It is very important that you determine your goals. You need to write them down so get yourself a planner. You can also write down habits you want to establish. Pick several goals that you want to accomplish in the next few months and start working towards them but you need to be specific – write your goals down and plan them out. If you are making new habits – add them to your planer or calendar, set phone alarms or alerts, and do them.


You can set goals to go to the gym three times a week for example.

Keep it simple – you don’t need to do super difficult workout machines or hardcore workouts





Just listen to your body and do what you feel is good for you.

You can meet up with your friend and have fun together! Partner workout is a great way to inspire each other 🙂

You can also make your decision public – tell your friends and family what your goals are and ask them to keep you accountable. I am sure you don’t like being called a quitter 😉 They will support you and push you on days when you’re dragging. But you need to stay consistent!

Rome wasn’t built in a day – this is a lifestyle change and you need to make slow but steady progress. May be you are trying to lose weight or you are little bit out of shape, or you are just  trying to get healthy. I shared with you some tips to help you get ready for the beach and feel as confident as you possibly can! Don’t look at bikini bodies of other girls because everyone is working out at their own pace – pay attention to yourself – you are awesome! Exercising regularly will make you feel great! Your health will definitely improve and you will feel more confident in your bikini! So let’s get you started on your journey to a stronger and healthier you!


Lets get active!


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